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The Cliquer of the Month award will be presented to one individual each month who demonstrates the values we aspire to bring to all Clique events to highlight the importance of responsible behaviour at all times. 
2019-12 December 2019 - Renee-01.png

DECEMBER 2019 - Renee

Congratulations to Renee who is our latest Cliquer of the Month for December.  
Renee enjoys her work at Endeavour Foundation two days a week and attends TAFE the other 3 days.  She is very social and loves nothing more than to catch up with her friends for lunch, seeing a movie or bowling to fill in her weekend.  
Her favorite destination is the sunny Gold Coast which she visits as often as possible.  Her very best mate is her adorable Cavoodle Ella whom she adores and takes excellent loving care to feed and take care of. 
Renee rarely misses a Clique event which is apparently the highlight of her social calendar where she loves to catch up with old and new friends at the dance party as well as interact with them on our private Facebook Chat Group - Cliquers Brisbane. Congratulations Renee - thank you for supporting Clique.

2019-11 November 2019 - Celine-01.png
2019-10 October 2019 - Daniel-01.png

OCTOBER 2019 - Daniel

Congratulations to our newest Cliquer of the Month - Daniel! 

A keen movie goer who relishes the latest movie releases, loves painting and drama, Daniel is a popular Cliquer who rsvp’s regularly (which assists us greatly with predicting our numbers)  and is much loved for his kind and gentle nature and impeccable manners.  As our Cliquer of the Month DJ Taniesha will play Daniel’s favorite song request at our next event (our 3rd Birthday)  on Friday 15th November.  

Let’s celebrate Daniel and all our past Cliquer’s  of the Month at this upcoming event which poses a great opportunity for a massive photo shoot to celebrate the past three exciting years and the promise of many happy years to come.

NOVEMBER 2019 - Celine

Congratulations to our latest Cliquer of the Month Celine! Known at home as their ‘dancing queen’ Celine loves every opportunity to dance and currently undertakes lessons in Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Tap Dancing and Ballet. She is also very creative and loves the arts and drama, watching movies and going bowling. She currently attends the fabulous ORCA program and has high hopes to attend TAFE and take a Certificate 11 in Basic Literacy and Numeracy in the future. With her recent 18th birthday behind her Celine is relishing the fact that she is officially an adult now! The perfect match for Clique with her love of dance, happy smiling disposition and contagious energy - her lust for life is heartwarming! Congratulations Celine!

2019-09 September 2019 - Sinead.png

SEPTEMBER 2019 - Sinead

Congratulations to Sinead - our Cliquer of the Month for September. Sinead is a much loved Cliquer for her gentle caring nature her charming personality as well as her bubbly giggly laugh. She adores her part-time work at an Anglicare Residential Aged Care facility in her role as a personal care worker and lifestyle assistant as she enjoys the interaction with the elderly and just loves helping others. Sinead has a great love of music and is also passionate about dance. She has regular dancing lessons in both classical ballet and tap, and performs as a member of a semi-professional integrated dance theatre company. She also trains in gymnastics one afternoon a week and competes for Special Olympics. In March this year she represented Australia at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, practising cello, watching movies on dvd and texting with her friends as well as looking after her pets - a cat and a guinea pig. Quite the busy lifestyle! Congratulation Sinead! You are an inspiration to us all.

2019-08 August 2019 - Ethan.png

AUGUST 2019 - Ethan

Congratulations to Ethan who is our Cliquer of the Month for August! Ethan is a keen Cliquer who RSVP’s consistently every month which assist us and has a great love of all types of music. He loves technology and anything to do with iPhones, iPads, computers etc. His other interests are playing his PS4, cruising on his Harley Scooter with his best mate Luke, and staying fit and healthy by working out at Jets Gym at Taigum. He also enjoys hydrotherapy sessions and walks a lot in his new Flux Walker. He has volunteered his time at several businesses including Coles, BC&F and an Animal Welfare Shelter and loves to visit Movie World at least two times each year. Ethan is the ideal recipient with his kind and gentle demeanour and his love of dancing and music - the perfect fit at Clique. His requested song to be played at our next event is ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift.  Best wishes Ethan - thanks for supporting Clique.

2019-07 July 2019 - Jasmin.png

JULY 2019 - Jasmin

Congratulations to Jasmin, our Cliquer of the Month for July.  Jasmin is renowned for her happy, bubbly personality and warm disposition and hardly ever misses an opportunity to dance.  Currently training for work at The Orca Project at Albany Creek, her dream job would be working in Aged Care for which she is presently undertaking work experience in that field.  Her many interests and hobbies include movies, attending musicals, church, drama and dance with CPL Screech as well as a long held love of gymnastics with Special Olympics. Jasmin loves travelling and meeting new people and has been to the UK four times with an upcoming trip to New Zealand planned after Christmas this year.  With such a busy life she still enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as her two dogs Toby and Molly. Congratulations Jasmin - and thanks for supporting Clique.

2019-06 June 2019 - Josh-01.png

JUNE 2019 - Josh

Congratulations to Josh, our Cliquer of the Month for June! Josh is a popular Cliquer, adored by many for his fellowship and gentle demeanour, as well as his sassy smile and ability to unite everyone with his obvious love of music and his cool dance moves!  It comes as no surprise that he works as an assistant dance teacher at Active Eight then, with his love of hip hop and old school disco dance.  His other interests include Formula 1, motor racing, go karting as well as gaming.  His favorite recording artist is the American singer songwriter Bruno Mars but his song request at our next event is Let’s Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind and Fire. Congratulations Josh and thanks for supporting Clique

2019-05 May 2019 - Alex-01.png

MAY 2019 - Alex

Congratulations to our Cliquer of the Month for May 2019, Alex, awarded to celebrate his friendliness and sociability at Clique and for living our values of inclusivity and kindness to others. Alex enjoys his busy life working 4 days a week with supportive teammates and is currently undertaking a new role as Marketing Assistant with a large company.   He enjoys music and watching footy (both live and on TV), playing tennis and cricket as well as the logic puzzle Sudoku, an excellent brain game.  His song choice is Born to be Alive by the French singer Patrick Hernandez which we will play for him at the next event he attends.  Alex has commented that he enjoys striving to make a difference to society and finding ways to contribute within the community. Congratulation Alex for excellent leadership and a great role model to others.

2019-0405 AprilMay 2019 - Lauren-01.png

APRIL 2019 - Lauren

Congratulations to Lauren - our Cliquer of the Month for April 2019! Lauren is a fun and sociable Cliquer and a popular member who enjoys dancing with her Bust A Move Group and of course busting those great moves at Clique! Being a long time member with Special Olympics Queensland has kept her very fit with her activities in gymnastics, tennis and basketball.  She has represented Queensland in  gymnastics at National Games and also basketball at Asia Pacific Games - a great achievement! She enjoys working 3 days a week at Endeavour, Wacol and is saving money for travel to visit family in both Sweden and Canada with further travel planned onwards to Sicily together. Lauren loves eating prawns but her fave food is Mango and she enjoys watching Home and Away.  Congratulations and best wishes Lauren.

2019-03 March 2019 - Guillermo-01.png

MARCH 2019 - Guillermo

Congratulations go to Guillermo as our Cliquer of the Month for March 2019. With his impeccable manners and polite gentle nature he is the perfect recipient as our celebrated Cliquer and he is a great role model for others. Guillermo has a busy life with his part-time job at a technology firm in the city as well as a job dismantling computer equipment for recycling.  A longtime member of Special Olympics he partakes of many sports including gym, swimming and basketball.  In his spare time he enjoys computer games, going to the movies and of course dancing at Clique! 

2019-02 Februar 2019 - Caitlin-01.png

FEBRUARY 2019 - Caitlin

Congratulations to Caitlin who is our Cliquer of the Month for February!  Caity has many friends at Clique and is a great role model with her kind and friendly nature and the fact she brings her very best attitudes to our events every time. Caity loves Harry Styles from One Direction and as well as working 3 jobs during the week at KFC, a school tuck shop and a kindy, Caity finds time to attend a learning course, attends 2 dance classes as well as working out in a gym.  A very competent swimmer she has swum for Australia a number of times with the Down Syndrome Australia swim team, recently competing in Canada and returning with Gold, Bronze, 7 personal best’s as well as a world record as part of the 4 x 100 m relay.  A wonderful achievement! We congratulate Caity for setting such a great example!

2019-01 January 2019 - Colin-01.png

JANUARY 2019 - Colin

Congratulations to Colin who is our Cliquer of the Month for January 2019! Colin is a charming and much-loved Clique member who captivates us all with his moves and prowess on the dance floor, as well as his kind and gentle nature, great manners and friendliness towards others.    Colin has a very busy life between his job at Rocklea, his many social outings and his sporting achievements. Colin is down to earth, and a natural achiever in life with many friends. We celebrate and congratulate Colin for these great qualities and his uniqueness.

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