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Clique offers a safe supported environment for teenagers and young adults to dance like no one is watching, meet new people, socialise and have fun.

What does Clique offer guests?

What do I need to do to be able to attend a Clique event?

We want to ensure that all attendees have read and understood our Member Policy and Code of Conduct, and purchase tickets and registration through our website by midnight on the Wednesday prior to the event.

What do Parents/Caregivers need to do?

Parents/carers are responsible to collect their young person at the conclusion of the event. It is a good idea to ensure that there are no issues with registration before you leave. 



Events are generally held on the third Friday of every month (however this does change from time to time so please check our Clique Dance page for the correct dates) at Geebung RSL (323 Newman Rd, Geebung QLD 4034). Our events are self funded by way of an entry fee ($35) which includes entry, a soft drink and a small supper.  


All attendees are required to purchase tickets and complete the registration through our website prior to the event.  Registration will close at midnight on the Tuesday prior the event.  You can view our upcoming events here. Unfortunately we are unable to accept walk-ins on the night.


For first time participants we require certain information about you which is compulsory such as emergency contact details, any dietary considerations as well as medical/behavioural issues we should be aware of.  This information should be provided during the registration process.


​Parents/carers are welcome to stay and have a meal or coffee/tea with other parents at Geebung RSL or take time off for themselves for a few hours. 


It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure arrangements are in place for safe departure at the conclusion of the event.  

Dancing is not really my thing.  What else can I do there?

Some young people may not be interested in dancing or may need just a little encouragement to participate and join in.  Our young volunteers support all participants especially newcomers to help identify and help settle nerves and assist where possible by introducing them to others etc.


There are also monitored areas outside which are quieter, enabling participants to mingle socially and take a breather from the dance floor if needed.  Opportunities also exist throughout the night to become actively engaged in the running of the event itself by assisting with raffle draws, registration and announcements etc if preferred.


We encourage anyone wanting to make new friends, seeking a greater social connection or just needing an age appropriate fun night out, to RSVP to one of our dance parties now, become a free club member in our Facebook Group and join the Clique!

Will there be loud music and flashing lights?

As with any club-like event, there will be loud music and flashing lights although no strobe lights are ever used.

You say Clique parties are safe - what do you mean by this?

All Clique parties are registered with Police in accordance with their Party Safe Initiative guidelines.  Our events are supervised, smoke and alcohol free.


Due to the nature of the event - high energy dancing and flashing lights it is expected that patrons attending are physically adept so as not to compromise safety to themselves and others.


Whilst some safeguards are in place regarding people entering and leaving the event, Clique are unable to physically restrain any patron from leaving if they choose to do so and cannot be held accountable if this was to occur.  Clique Brisbane has an area for parents/careers to hang out so party goers have their own space to help build their independence.

What does Clique offer guests?


Clique is a high energy dance party event specifically for young able bodied young adults who seek a genuine opportunity to socialise, dance and have fun and who require minimum support to do so.  Due to its popularity and crowded,  high-spirited atmosphere the event is not deemed suitable for wheelchairs or persons with complex support or behavioural issues which may endanger or cause distress to others. 

Our commitment to the safety of all our participants is paramount as well as ensuring we are able to manage and supervise the participants in our care. Please consider the above information before registration.  If you have any queries or wish to discuss please contact us via or phone Suzie on 0438 240 651.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer them.  Just fill in the contact form below and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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