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​Clique is all about friendship and fun.  We value inclusiveness and diversity, and are committed to respect, dignity and the safety of others.  We won’t tolerate bullying or any aggressive antisocial behaviour.


We welcome young people who seek a genuine opportunity to participate with a sense of maturity to ensure the success of each Clique event and the quiet enjoyment of others.  Many hours of work have gone on behind the scenes to create Clique events and we are dedicated to great outcomes for you and want you to have the best experience.  Therefore, it is a good idea to leave any troubles behind and prepare yourself for a carefree night of contented high spirits.  Your commitment as a Clique member is to uphold these values and behaviours at every Clique event.

As Clique is a fun and social event, photographs are a huge part of documenting the night and a memento for the attendees. We do publish these photographs on our website, on the Cliquers Brisbane Facebook Group and on the Clique Brisbane Instagram account (both of which are private groups).


If this sounds like your scene, we extend a big welcome and look forward to seeing you at the next clique event – bring your best attitude and enjoy the Clique!

-The Clique Team

The purpose of this notice is to provide awareness and information to new participants, their parents/carers and the wider community to establish an understanding and agreement regarding the behavioural expectations and physical capacity necessary to attend Clique events.

Clique Brisbane offers young adults aged 18-35 the opportunity to participate in regular dance party events which are high energy in nature, complete with loud music and flashing lights for those who seek a genuine opportunity to make friendship connections in a social party atmosphere.  The event's popularity and sheer number of participants attending at any given event, require participants to be physically adept due to the nature and purpose of the event and to have a suitable level of understanding regarding appropriate social manners and protocol.  It is also necessary to possess a genuine respect and consideration towards other patrons who may be different. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment for everyone and to safeguard our ‘model’ and ‘vibe’ which aims to be age appropriate and ‘real’ in flavour and purpose.


Parents/carers intending to newly enrol a young person as well as Community Groups considering adding Clique to their programs are urged to consider the above information carefully.   This event is not suitable for young people who have the slightest antisocial or aggressive tendency or a proneness to become overwhelmed and act inappropriately to overstimulation.


Clique Brisbane is not a ‘disability service’ but a fun social opportunity targeting young adults with a disability and special needs who seek an age appropriate social event providing opportunities to help build new friendships in a safe and meaningful way.  Our Clique family of volunteers and peer mentors are not trained in behavioural management or conflict resolution strategies nor be expected to do so.  We offer our participants support and friendship to soothe ‘first time’ nerves and a willingness to assist and facilitate introductions and conversations wherever possible.  Our volunteers and peer mentors use positive encouragement to help them feel included and break the ice on the dance floor where identified.        

Any new providers wishing to make group bookings must notify Clique in writing at least 24 hours prior to the event by emailing and provide information including the intending participant’s full name, date of birth, behavioural details and any dietary considerations as well as the contact details (name and phone number) for at least one of the support staff to be in attendance at the event.  Alternatively you can contact Suzie on 0438 240651 to discuss.


Clique is the ideal opportunity to build friendships within the community and help improve social outcomes.  If you or your young person identifies with our values and are looking for a fun night out – come join the Clique!

By becoming a Clique member, you will be eligible to attend Clique events!  You will be emailed every month to invite you to each event and will be able to view photos from previous events!  As a Clique member, you know that Clique is all about friendship and fun, and understand and acknowledge that we will not tolerate bullying or any aggressive antisocial behaviour.


As a Clique member you are also eligible to join the "Cliquers Brisbane Facebook Group".  This group has been created to give Cliquers a place to communicate and interact between events.

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